Potential new project (?)

《娘子,我要吃肉》 (大雁王朝之回頭是岸) 作者:荀草

“Wife, I want to eat meat”  by Xun Cao

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Wife, I want to graze on an old pasture.[1]

Someone: This lady is a flower not grass.

Wife, I this gentleman wants to roll in the sheets with you.

Someone kicks: Did this lady allow you on the bed?

Wife, husband wants to eat meat![2]

Someone brandished her whip: Get lost, this lady is eating vegetarian food tonight.

In a sentence: It’s a story of a husband cast aside,  seduce his ex-wife by every possible means to roll in the sheets, eat meat and give birth to little piglets.




[1] A saying where someone wants to get back with someone they are no longer with, the full saying is ` A good horse will never turn round to graze on an old pasture`.

[2] Another saying of wanting to get it on with someone. (hahaha)


14 thoughts on “Potential new project (?)

  1. The synopsis sounds interesting, would be great for a comedy novel after all the tragedies and sadness

    Thank you for already looking into a potential novel to translate

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  2. Great! I’m looking for something else like Xiao Qi, Wait! I like HE where the heroine comes from a wealthy family who loves her and allows her to return after marriage because her husband is lacking. I like it when the male leads have to work for love.^^

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  3. Sounds good I am on board if you choose this novel! ❤❤❤❤❤ Wanna see how he wins her back, buy is this a time travel? I hope not but if it is that’s alright too I just want something that is not time travel. ❤❤❤❤❤ Cannot wait for your translations!


  4. It sounds like it would be an entertaining read, as long as the male lead isn’t to obnoxious. But is sounds like it will be more on the funny side, with her refusing him. No black belly schemes? I am flexible.

    I enjoyed your previous translation. I am an avid reader..actively reading about 100 or more wuxia/Chinese/Japanese or Asian novels, 150 or more manga, 200 visual novels and most of the English books I can finish off in 1 sitting but I do have a bunch that are series. The crazy part is that I can keep track of each and every one of these stories and characters. Yes sometimes I think I’m crazy.

    My main point was translate what interests you, what is going to wake you up each morning thinking I want to read and translate it. That is what matters because your passion will automatically be passed to us and we will enjoy the story. Best advise I can give. Hope it helps.

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